August 23rd, 2005


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It would seem your access beyond the gate has been denied.
I'll spare you the drama of going to my userinfo, and just define some interests right here for ya. ♥

[jrock ♥]: tmrevolution, mucc, merry, gazette, nightmare, buck-tick.

[random ♥]: sushi/sashimi, when it rains while it's partly sunny, starry nights, beer, german metal, random signs of affection, profoundness, intensity, brusselsprouts, exotic fruits, my cat, japan/the japanese language, things that shine, outgoing people, writing, red wine, abstractity, macadamian nuts, culture, the no. 3, long fingernails, movie all-nighters, originality.

come ring the doorbell?
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    Iio - Smooth [Airbase Remix]